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Now Fruit Jelly on Apple AppStore!


Today, we have released FruitJelly on Apple AppStore!

Game Genre
Casual 3 Match Puzzle Game
The Motto
No need to be in a hurry while you play this game. Just take it easy and enjoy Fruits Jelly. It’s fun to see.
Strong & Different Points
1. Unusual Enemies that can’t be seen anywhere else, block the player. For instance, the spiders eat the specific color jellies for every some turns. The clouds remove background tiles and the webs are holding jellies for one turn.
2. There are bosses at each chapters. They are using own unique skills to prevent the player from clearing stages.
3. The players can decorate own avatar. The avatars can be more powerful and skillful as equipping items. In addition, there are some items suitable for boss stages. Some players who can’t clear boss stages are able to clear the stages using these items easier.
4. Characteristic of Jelly and Cool Effect can appeal women users.
5. Total stages servicing are 170 now. But we are going to append 30 stages(2 chapters) every month.
6. Fruit Jelly is very suitable for tablet devices! (iPad/Nexus7 …) We have considered tablet devices from starting.
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Fruit Jelly on Google PLAY!

Now fruit Jelly on Google PLAY!
You can download HERE!








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New title, new icon and trailer ofFruitJelly

Eunjin who is our UI designer designed new title and icon.

new Icon

Main Tile

And Ju, Art Director, created Fruit Jelly trailer.


Fruits Jelly Arcade!


We prototyped FruitsJelly Arcade(is project name) using an avatar resource of FruitsJelly on last weekend.

We referenced How to make a 2d Platform Game(for action script) and  2D Platform Game IOS Port(for cocos2d-iphone).
Thanks to Paul Firth and GABRIEL SANCHEZ.

We believe that the documents are a good start point to develop platformer.

How about this? We think it looks not bad!
It might be the next game of DevCrews.


New play movie of FruitsJelly


New Effects in Fruits Jelly.

Happ new year!
We have changed some effects for special jellies.

You can see the new effects of Line Jelly, Bomb Jelly and Super Jelly.

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BraveGirl is registered on TizenAppStore


Today BraveGirl, our old game, is registered on TizenAppStore :)
Its game engine was a legacy engine(cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.12.0), so we decided to upgrade the engine(cocos2d-x-2.2). It took 8 hours to complete and launch on Tizen Device.
This work was very bored because the old engine was too different from the lastest, but we did it :)

Altough validation process is remained, I’m glad.


After GSTAR 2013…


Before starting, we took a picture. While four days, many people visited our booth. Thanks for enjoying Fruits Jelly.


Especially a pretty girl likes Fruits Jelly. She didn’t care her parents and concentrated on it, so we gave her a chair :)

GSTAR 2013 devcrews

On last day, in the end of GSTAR 2013, we took a picture with BMAC(Busan Mobile App Development Center) staffs.


Fruits Jelly Game Movie

It is the game movie of Fruits Jelly.
We do not complete it yet, but developed more than 85 percetange. maybe :)
So we are sharing our game.

Thanks to designers, Ju and EunJin

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Ready BottleBattle on tizen!

bottlebattle_on_tizenOur old game, BottleBattle is ready on tizen store!